Siberian Amanita Muscaria Shrooms


Rare Siberian Shrooms!



Rare Siberian Shrooms!


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A. muscaria was widely used as an entheogen by many of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Its use was known among almost all of the Uralic-speaking peoples of western Siberia and thePaleosiberian-speaking peoples of the Russian Far East. However, there are only isolated reports ofA. muscaria use among the Tungusic and Turkic peoples of central Siberia and it is believed that entheogenic use of A. muscaria was largely not a practice of these peoples.[84] In western Siberia, the use of A. muscaria was restricted to shamans, who used it as an alternate method of achieving a trance state. (Normally, Siberian shamans achieve a trance state by prolonged drumming and dancing.) In eastern Siberia, A. muscaria was used by both shamans and laypeople alike, and was used recreationally as well as religiously.[84] In eastern Siberia, the shaman would consume the mushrooms, and others would drink his urine.[85] This urine, still containing psychoactive elements, may actually be more potent than the A. muscaria mushrooms with fewer negative effects, such as sweating and twitching, suggesting that the initial user may act as a screening filter for other components in the mushroom.[86]

The Koryak of eastern Siberia have a story about the fly agaric (wapaq) which enabled Big Raven to carry a whale to its home. In the story, the deity Vahiyinin (“Existence”) spat onto earth, and his spittle became the wapaq, and his saliva becomes the warts. After experiencing the power of thewapaq, Raven was so exhilarated that he told it to grow forever on earth so his children, the people, can learn from it.[87] Among the Koryak, one report held the poor would consume the urine of the wealthy, who could afford to buy the mushrooms.[88]


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