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Primal Performance is the sexual enhancement supplement that not only gives you the ability, but also the confidence to seduce and satisfy your partner.

Primal Performance is the U.S. made, superior, all natural male enhancement line used to increase libido and sex drive. It is specially formulated to provide improved sexual health for men in addition to its ability to provide full and long-lasting erections, more intense hard-ons, multiple unbelievable orgasms, and greater staying power so you can last longer in bed. Your increased libido and improved sexual stamina helps you perform as if you were years younger by increasing the metabolites that lie dormant in your body. Additionally, it increases feelings of passion and desire so you feel and perform like a youth in love. If you want to release the wild young lover age has locked away and give your partner a night she won t forget, try Primal Performance. It enables you to rise to the occasion when duty calls with a formula inspired by centuries-old processes and herbs taken from the masters of the Far East, India, and Asia. These herbs include:

Epimedium Sagittum Extract  This extract comes from a plant which grows in the Orient and has been used to help treat impotency. Additionally, it helps strengthen tendons, boosts seminal release, and enhances sexual performance by widening the blood vessels for maximum increase of blood flow. Traditional Chinese medicine discovered these benefits after noticing that sheep who grazed on the plant became unusually frisky.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract  In Malaysian culture the plant which this extract comes from is highly regarded for both its anti-aging effects as well as its ability to help replenish vitality. This plant is used to improve oxygen flow, which improves the performance of the brain, heart, lungs, and sexual organs. It is widely consumed because it increases male virility and sexual prowess.

Ginko Biloba Extract  This extract comes from an unusual, one of a kind tree with no other closely related species still growing. For this reason, it is sometimes know as a living fossil. It is recognized around the world for its ability to keep the mind young and sharp as well as for its capacity to improve both concentration and memory, which it does by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. Improved oxygen flow also allows the heart, lungs, and sexual organ to function better.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract  This extract originates from a plant that is native to the temperate climates of southern Europe and can also be found in China, Australia, India, and the Americas. For a long time it has been recognized for its ability to arouse the males of various species by increasing blood flow throughout the body. It also helps increase stamina, energy, and vitality which in turn affects sexual desire and performance.

Cinidum Extract  The plant from which this extract is derived was commonly used by pagan cultures in their sexual ceremonies and rites of passage. Legend holds that it can transform even the most normal man into a phenomenal lover and it is renowned in China as an effective aphrodisiac. These uses are all scientifically based; cinidum improves the release of nitric oxide which in turn help boosts the release of Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (CGM). CGM works to relax the muscles around the penis, allowing greater blood flow and a proper erection.

Wolfberry Extract  The wolfberry, or goji fruit, is considered a super fruit chock full of antioxidants, making it a great source of nutrition. It also enhances sexual function and is believed to improve sperm production and health, which in turn increases fertility. Other sexual benefits of wolfberry includes more energy, increased libido, larger erections, greater sexual potency and vigor, reduced premature ejaculation, and reduced sexual dysfunction.

Power on tonight with one of the hottest new male enhancement products on the market today. It has been researched, developed, and manufactured exclusively by Martian Wholesale. Primal Performance is quickly becoming one of our best sellers among our distributors because of its quality, performance, and popularity among consumers! Unlike other performance enhancers, Primal Performance has little to no side effects and works within 30-45 minutes so you can relax and enjoy the natural state of being with your companion tonight with the help of Primal Performance. When you get your Primal on, your companion will thank you in the morning!

Primal Performance does not contain artificial flavors, ephedra, preservatives, or yohimbe.

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