KUSH Maeng Da 40X Kratom Liquid Tincture

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KUSH Maeng Da 40X Kratom Liquid Tincture



15ml Maeng Da Kratom Extract Tincture! 

We have found another tincture that is worthy enough to compare to the 8ml OPMS kratom tincture.

That’s correct! This bottle rivals the most popular liquid kratom extract on the market today. And, the best part is….you get almost DOUBLE the amount (15ml) of what you get with the OPMS tincture for the SAME PRICE!!

This is NO JOKE. Ultra POWERFUL, Long Lasting. Very High Quality.

This is NOT for beginners, so be warned!!


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Weight 1 oz
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1 bottle, 2 bottles, 4 bottles

2 reviews for KUSH Maeng Da 40X Kratom Liquid Tincture

  1. axmo05 (verified owner)

    Killer tincture. Keep it under your tongue for 30 seconds to let it absorb for best results. Not as good as OPMS but gives you a nice relaxed feeling. A little pricey for the effects it provided but I’d buy it again.

  2. ttsakonas23 (verified owner)

    Was not good for me but Legal Herbal Shop Opms is the best shot that’s out there in my opinion!

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